Ainea creates Mediterranean perfumes based on a simple and authentic concept of life. Connecting us to our environment and knowing that we are part of it, that we are in fact nature.

Our perfumes are handcrafted because we believe that art and craftsmanship go hand in hand. We express ourselves through scent, because it is the sense that connects us most quickly with the world.

Our creations are born in Teià, a small village in Barcelona, located on the Mediterranean coast in a natural park, surrounded by vineyards. We care about promoting local growth, which is why all our suppliers are local.

The environment is inspiring in any area of life. I believe that the trend is to develop original products that are increasingly linked to our environment, highlighting the aromatic traditions that we have in our immediate surroundings.

Having an origin is what allows us to be who we are. My story begins with my experience in dance, which has allowed me to understand perfumery as an art. I always remember the smell of the sea, the pine trees, the sound of crickets, the warmth of the sun on my skin in summer, the feeling of fullness… those moments of feeling with all my senses is what I want to transmit with every scent I create. Making people connect with life through scent has become my passion.

The world of perfumery and cosmetics is linked to magic, every time we wear a perfume or choose a scent for our home we want to express and communicate who we are, what our soul is like.

Ainea is a founding member of the Beauty Cluster of Barcelona, a network for the entire cosmetics industry

I am currently a member of its Board where I am responsible for the perfumery and fragrance group, in which together with the whole Cluster team we have created the BOW (Barcelona Olfaction Week), a week dedicated to the sense of smell where the Barcelona Olfaction Congress, the Teià International Perfumery Competition and the Maridatge dels Sentits take place.