Inscription for the International Silver Mouillette Perfumery Competition

La perfumista y fundadora de Ainea dando un discurso en la entrega de premios del 5º Concurso Internacional de Perfumería Mouillette d'Argent

Inscriptions for the 2023 edition of the International Silver Mouillette perfumery Competition are now open.

You will find the instructions and prerequisites on our web and on the Marriage of the Senses web -available in Catalan, Spanish, French and English.

The olfatic note is Bergamot this year, a citric note with an exquisite fragrance that is cultivated in Calabria, Italy.

This year we are asking the 12 finalists to tell the story of their perfume which will make it much easier for the public and the jury to understand each proposal.

As in previous years the 12 finalist perfumes may be available in perfumeries around the country and in the Unió exhibition centre in Teia.

So, please keep the first weekend in May free to visit Teia and attend the Competition`s awards ceremony and enjoy first hand the Marriage of the Senses – the fiesta that sees the olfactory along with the other senses take centre stage.

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