Artisan Perfumes

Discover the perfumes of Ainea Perfums, produced in our small laboratory located between the mountains and the sea and inspired by the Mediterranean.

Artisan Perfumes

In our quest for beauty and well-being, many of us have moved away from commercial perfumes and embraced brands that respect people and the environment.
If you’re looking for a perfume that makes you feel beautiful and in harmony with your surroundings, you’ve come to the right place.
At Ainea Perfums, we believe that each perfume is a work of art in itself.
Our artisan perfumes are crafted with passion and dedication, using the finest natural ingredients and traditional perfumery techniques.
Each fragrance is carefully designed to convey emotions and evoke memories, creating a unique olfactory experience for every individual.

What are artisan perfumes?

Artisan perfumes are a true olfactory masterpiece, carefully crafted with ingredients sourced from nature.
They are made using processes that preserve the essence and purity of the aromas.
This not only guarantees an authentic and evocative sensory experience but also respects the environment and promotes sustainability.

Differences between artisan and commercial perfumes

Artisan perfumes stand out for their personalized and meticulous creation process. Unlike commercial perfumes, which are often mass-produced, artisan perfumes are crafted in small quantities with high-quality natural ingredients. This gives them a uniqueness and sophistication that is not found in commercial perfumes.

How long does the fragrance of an artisan perfume last?

The longevity of an artisan perfume’s fragrance can vary depending on various factors, such as ingredient concentration, skin type, and environmental conditions. However, in general, artisan perfumes tend to have a longer-lasting scent than commercial perfumes, as they are formulated with high-quality ingredients that gradually release their aroma throughout the day.

How can I choose the right artisan perfume for me?

Choosing a perfume is a personal and unique experience. Our extensive catalog of artisan perfumery offers a variety of aromatic notes to satisfy your tastes and preferences. If you need to boost your vitality and optimism, choose lemon wood or spiced orange. If harmony is what you seek, orange blossom is perfect, whereas if you want a discreet yet elegant perfume, tea flower is the best choice. Explore the descriptions of our fragrances and choose the one that makes you feel most connected to your essence.

Are the fragrances suitable for both men and women?

Absolutely! Artisan perfumes are gender-neutral and can be worn by anyone who wishes to enjoy a natural and authentic fragrance. Discover the charm of artisan perfumes and let yourself be captivated by their unique essence.


In Ainea Perfums we work with aromas based on the emotions that the different places of the Mediterranean provoke in us.