In the middle of the 19th century, the wealthy classes discovered the pleasure of bathing in the sea and the joys of the spa. Bathing in seawater facilitated personal hygiene, but perhaps more important was the sensation of freedom that the contact with seawater and sun afforded. More than 150 years later, the sea continues to be a favoured destination for the majority of people. We have the good fortune to live by the sea, but for those people who do not have the smell of the sea in their homes, we propose two exceptional perfumes.


Submerge in an aroma of salt water, be it a calm or stormy sea. Some say that water has no smell, but the sea certainly does -iodine, seaweed, ozone, summer… If this is not the moment for you to go to Formentera or the Costa Brava we have captured its unmistakable scent so that you can escape to the big blue.


In my search to discover the origin of essences, I have realized the need to be in contact with nature on a daily basis. This connection that I perceived has been the bedrock of the collection in which I have committed myself to the bringing of nature right into the home.

There is no doubt that we are nature, and each day I am more aware of the importance of immersing ourselves in it: be it deep in a luxuriant forest, submerged in the waves of the sea or surrounded by flowers in a field. By connecting with nature we establish an intimate bond with ourselves recognizing that we are essentially one and the same.

Our proposal is very straightforward: as we cannot always be out in nature we have sought to encapsulate it and bring it into the home. If you can go into the woods, the sea or a field of flowers, don’t think twice, do it- immerse yourself deep in a forest, surround yourself with poppies and roses or plunge into the azure Mediterranean. Enjoy the feeling of merging with nature, but if you are unable to escape into the country Ainea will bring nature to your home with this collection of fragrant baths.
Let us take you on this sensorial journey, where aromas intermingle with your most intimate emotions. With Ainea Home, you can close your eyes and let yourself be transported to a lush forest, to a salty breeze by the sea or to a garden in full bloom.