Raíces de Vetiver


Get close to the aroma of damp soil, the undergrowth and the humid forest floor. These smells relax us and allow us to disconnect from the rush of our daily routine. Permeate your home with vetiver root, a warm, embracing, woody fragrance. Close your eyes and breathe deeply, in a matter of seconds these woodland aromas will transmit a sensation of calmness and well-being. Connect with the trees around you, the blades of grass, and the moist earth beneath your feet.

Home fragrance 250 ml

Top: Bamboo
Heart notes: Wet Leaves & Wet Earth
Base Note: Vetiver Roots

Taking forest baths or walks focussed on the forest surroundings helps us connect and harmonize with nature, bringing about calmness and eliminating our stress. We propose a forest bath in your own home. We capture the undergrowth, roots, pines, and moss- a complete Mediterranean forest in a candle, a spray and a Mikado atomizer so that the olfactic particles of the forest fill your home with harmony.

Made with naturally sourced molasses alcohol.

Our containers easily disassemble into separate parts for convenient recycling.

The material used for this box is composed of:

  • 40% recycled GSC material
  • 55% pure FSC certified ecological fiber
  • 5% hemp fiber

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