Mouillette d’argent

The International Perfumery Competition Mouillette d’argent is already under way in Teià, where Ainea Perfums is located, a village situated in front of the Mediterranean Sea, 12 kilometers from Barcelona, an unrivalled venue for the Contest. This year marks the fifth edition of the Contest, with rose as a compulsory note in all creations. Born with the idea of giving visibility to the figure of perfumers, in each edition they are the absolute protagonists of their creations. Aligned with that idea, this year more than 80 perfumers coming from more than 26 countries around the world have registered. Among the samples received, 12 finalists will compete for the Jury’s Prize, the Prize for the Best Independent Perfume and the Public’s Prize. The competition will be held as part of the Maridatge dels Sentits, a festival of smell and perfume taking also place in Teià every spring, where perfumes, wines and cuisine made with roses will be paired. During the Maridatge, round tables, perfume courses and films related to perfumery and flowers are organized. There is even a fair of artisan perfumery, niche brands and organic cosmetics. A whole scenario to enjoy the world of perfume and smell, and discover all its richness. The 26th of May will be the highlight with the award ceremony for the winning perfumes. It will be the final touch to a complete week of frenetic activities with the same denominator, to raise awareness of the world of perfume and the role of perfumers.

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