Exploring the Beauty of Vetiver

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Welcome to AINEA, where harmony and authenticity intertwine in our home fragrances. This blog invites you to immerse yourself in the captivating world of vetiver, a carefully selected ingredient to add a distinctive note to our creations, seeking to connect with you through nature and well-being. What is Vetiver? Vetiver…

What are forest baths?

It is a physical and mental exercise of connection with nature, so that you can immerse yourself in the tranquillity of nature, follow these brief tips: 1. Conscious Connection: Take time to connect with nature using your senses. Observe, listen, touch and savour the natural environment around you. Mindfulness in…

Autumn fragrance

Autumn has finally arrived, and with it the nostalgia, not to be confused with sadness, that seems to seep into almost everything. This is a time for the smell of wood–smoking chimneys, chestnuts, sweet potatoes dripping their powerful caramelized scent of sweetness and walks redolent of damp earth and humid…
La perfumista y fundadora de Ainea dando un discurso en la entrega de premios del 5º Concurso Internacional de Perfumería Mouillette d'Argent

Inscription for the International Silver Mouillette Perfumery Competition

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Inscriptions for the 2023 edition of the International Silver Mouillette perfumery Competition are now open. You will find the instructions and prerequisites on our web and on the Marriage of the Senses web -available in Catalan, Spanish, French and English. The olfatic note is Bergamot this year, a…

Pairing and contest

Alexandre Vire, Francesco Vidili i María Gil winners of the 2022 Silver Mouillette Perfumery competition award. During the week May 20-27 Ainea Perfums together with Teià Town Council and Beauty Cluster held the 5th Wedding of the Senses and International Perfumery competition. For a week Teià took centre stage in…

Mouillette d’argent

The International Perfumery Competition Mouillette d’argent is already under way in Teià, where Ainea Perfums is located, a village situated in front of the Mediterranean Sea, 12 kilometers from Barcelona, an unrivalled venue for the Contest. This year marks the fifth edition of the Contest, with rose as a compulsory…